I appreciate the stand Erica Cole has chosen to take.

As a victim, she could remain anonymous. She has chosen instead to stand up by asking that Portland and Bangor city officials no longer conduct business with Waterfront Concerts. She has the right to feel that it is not OK for the cities to continue to do business with the company owned by the person who did this to her. However, that is selfish.

Waterfront Concerts has brought business to the area. We all know there are not a lot of jobs, and even fewer youth who stay in Maine. Waterfront Concerts is a local business, run by local people, and brings entertainment to many, including young people who feel there is nothing to do here.

Waterfront Concerts has brought exciting events to the state, the likes of which haven’t been seen here in decades. These events bring people: people who pay to park, fill up their gas tanks, go out to eat and stay in hotels. This is much-needed income for many businesses and many families.

For either city to consider cutting ties with a local company that is creating an influx of money and jobs is ridiculous. Alex Gray, owner of Waterfront Concerts, had his day in court and was given punishment. Cutting ties with Waterfront Concerts would be a punishment to many innocent people. I urge officials in both Portland and Bangor to consider how the extra tax dollars this state is receiving because of these events could help fund better programs for domestic violence awareness.

Karen Quimby


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