Betsy Sweet is unquestionably the best choice for governor of Maine.

After eight years of Paul LePage’s policies setting Maine back, it’s time to move forward, and there’s no one better at moving the state of Maine forward than Betsy Sweet.

For over 30 years, Betsy has been at the forefront of the fight for women’s rights, LGBTQ-plus rights and the rights of the disabled. No one in this race has done as much for as many people for as long as she has. She’s been on the front lines in Augusta for more than 30 years, achieving progress that has had a tangible impact on Mainers, like the Maine Family Medical Leave Act.

Her choice in running as a Clean Elections candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor shows her commitment to serving the people of Maine, not special interests, super PACs or large donors. The depth and breadth of her knowledge on every issue, the ease in communicating with anyone and everyone and her experience both inside the halls of power in Augusta and as an activist make her uniquely qualified to take over the Blaine House and lead the state.

I’m a millennial; this will be my second time casting a ballot for Maine’s governor. But I doubt I will ever vote for anyone whose message resonates with me more than Betsy Sweet. I encourage all Mainers to join me in choosing a bright, optimistic view of the future by casting their ballots for Betsy Sweet in the June 12 primary.

Anthony Emerson


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