Betsy Sweet, the only Clean Elections candidate for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, isn’t afraid to say she is a progressive. Let’s face it: After sliding backward for several years, it’s time to move forward.

Betsy has a great deal of legislative experience that will serve us well, but more important are her values. She will make sure education, social services and protection of the environment are adequately funded and guided by intelligent policy. She will work to solve problems, from gun violence to drug abuse, and she will support justice and equality for all Mainers, whether they have lived here for generations or are refugees seeking a better life. She will work hard for all Mainers, regardless of their political persuasion, sexual orientation or anything else that is part of our state’s diversity.

With wisdom, skill, heart and humor, Betsy is ready to lead Maine. Please get to know her, and vote Sweet on June 12, the Democratic primary.

Steve Cartwright

Tenants Harbor

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