Portland’s barbecue scene is heating up with the addition of Farenheit 225, a food truck that just opened for business in North Deering. The truck offers traditional fare like ribs and pulled pork, but also has a combo called “Pigs Gone Solo,” which includes cornbread, beans, coleslaw and meat all loaded in a red Solo cup – perfect for mobile barbecue connoisseurs.

The owners, Al and Linda Clark, make all the sauces by hand and say they’re taking no shortcuts.

“No steaming and no liquid smoke here – just good Maine maple, oak, and apple that I cut myself,” Al Clark said in a news release. “It takes 12-13 hours to smoke a pork butt. There are no shortcuts.”

Fahrenheit 225 will be at 1321 Washington Avenue location Wednesdays through Fridays, from noon to 6 p.m.  On weekends, the trailer will go to festivals and special events. The truck comes on the heels of Noble Barbecue opening recently in Portland’s Riverside neighborhood and Elsmere Barbecue announcing plans to open a location in the Deering neighborhood.

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