My grandmother recently turned 91. She lives on a farm in Tennessee and has always prided herself on being happy and healthy. However, as one enters old age, health deteriorates. Even with the best medical care, her bills have increased over the years. Thus, with as much time as my extended family spends with her, the amount of time set aside for bills is always increasing.

One day, my father and in-laws will most likely live with me. As much as I will spend every second I have with them, I as well will have to set aside time for medical bills.

We need a single-payer health care system here in Maine. Not only will it be more affordable for my family in the long run, there will be less paperwork and fewer limitations and it will allow my family to spend every second together. Every family in Maine should have this time. With a single-payer system, every individual in Maine will have not only this time, but also full medical coverage.

So even if you are happy and healthy, remember the individuals who are not. Remember the individuals who do not have time with their families. Going forward as a state, our path is clear: We must embrace single-payer health care.

Philip Gibson


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