We are the employees of Maine Media Collective. We are as upset as the rest of the public over recent allegations made against our former publisher, whose actions were clearly wrong.

We include the two signers of this letter, as well as Karen Bowe, advertising account manager; Jeffrey D’Amico, director of sales; Danielle Devine, managing editor, Maine Home + Design magazine; Ryan Hammond, advertising account manager; Nichole Heady, production manager; Peter Heinz, advertising account manager; Joel Kuschke, art director, Maine and Maine Home + Design magazines; Lamia Lazrak, staff videographer; Casey Lovejoy, community development manager; Melissa Olander, controller; Sarah Prak, art director, Old Port magazine and the annual guides; Emma Simard, editorial assistant; Shelbi Wassick, director of events and visibility; and Scott Wentzell, director of marketing.

The toxic environment described in recent news accounts does not reflect our current culture. We are empowered to bring our ideas and creativity to work every day. Each one of us has a voice, and we’re encouraged to use it. We have respect for each other and for our leadership team. We encourage you to reach out to any one of us to learn more about our experiences.

We are proud to stand and work together at Maine Media Collective, but we are also individuals with families, careers and a love for our community.

People who don’t know us are publicly demeaning us and threatening anyone who partners with us. They are calling for the demise of a company we helped to build. This is our livelihood.

We love this company and what it has become. We love showcasing the best Maine has to offer. We love that our colleagues are like family. And we look forward to continuing to share stories of our home.

Susan Axelrod

managing editor, Old Port and Ageless Maine magazines

Paul Koenig

managing editor, Maine magazine


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