As a member of the Portland Board of Education, I work with limited resources to make sure our public schools serve every student well. It’s no easy task, and sometimes we have to count on our state lawmakers to help us.

That’s why I am so proud to support Heather Sanborn in her campaign for the Maine Senate in District 28 (including parts of Portland and Westbrook). Heather brings together the perspectives of parents, students, teachers and policymakers in a way that could make a real difference for our city.

Both Heather and her husband grew up in the Portland school system and graduated from Deering High School. Heather went on to earn her master’s degree in education and became a public school teacher. Today, her son is a freshman at Portland High School.

Through all of these experiences, Heather has come to have an excellent grasp of why it is so important that we fight tooth and nail to get Portland its fair share of school funding from the state budget. She understands the power of good schools and well-supported teachers to lift up our children. She also knows what happens when those same children don’t have access to the resources they need.

As the current Democratic state representative from the North Deering neighborhood, Heather has already been battle-tested. Her colleagues consistently point to her as one of the most effective members of the Legislature. As our senator, she will continue to stand up to those who try to underfund the state contribution to public education.

I can’t say this clearly enough: Portland could really use a strong and persuasive voice like Heather’s in the Maine Senate.

Primary Day is June 12. Let’s nominate Heather Sanborn to be a champion for Portland schools.

Mark V. Balfantz

at-large member, Portland Board of Public Education


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