Having been involved in supporting good candidates for public office whom I believe can make a difference, I believe Mark Eves is poised to be that person who will make a difference when he becomes our next governor of Maine. How refreshing that will be!

I have known Mark, his family and his parents for many years and think very highly of his family values and his compassion, integrity, civility and proven leadership ability to work across the aisle. No other Democratic candidate has this experience in statewide office. The only way to accomplish the business of Maine is by working with the people of Maine. Mark Eves is that person who will reach out to all of us and we will all be the better for it. Paid family leave, health insurance, elder care and gun control are just a few of his objectives.

If he becomes our governor, at 41 years of age he would be one of the youngest in the United States. He wants to make sure we take proper care of the elderly, attract young families, increase our needed workforce, bring in more vitality, strengthen our diversity and strengthen our economy.

Please join me in voting for Mark Eves in our upcoming primary June 12.

Ted Little


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