Vote Hepler

Allison Hepler has the qualifications and experience to do an excellent job as a Maine Legislator.

She is a Professor of History at the University of Maine Farmington.

As a member of the Woolwich Selectboard for seven years, Allison helped develop a formula for funding local school expenses and helped to develop a sensible plan for the expansion of the Woolwich Town Office.

She created a town newsletter and established a Communications Committee to oversee Facebook and the town website.

She shepherded an agreement with ReVision energy for solar panels that power town-owned buildings.

I came to know Allison when we edited the e Woolwich Historical Society Times. I admire her abilities and the extent of her interest in the State of Maine. She has my enthusiastic support.

Ann Pierson,

GOP sabotage

They say April is the cruelest month and the GOP minority in the Maine house just proved it by refusing to extend the legislative session, a normal procedure. Partisan politics triumphed over getting the job done for out representatives in Augusta.

A bipartisan majority in the Senate wanted to continue their critical issues: initiatives to fight the opioid addiction epidemic; keeping unfunded nursing homes from shutting down; passing an infrastructure bond to fix our crumbling roads and bridges and on and on. No luck. Bully politics as usual.

Voters should remember in November how a cabal of Republicans chose to sabotage Maine interests and its citizens in April. The cruelest month indeed. Vote your conscience.

Wayne Beach,

Democrats would be smart to nominate Mark Dion

The field of people vying to be Maine’s next governor is a full one. Among the Democratic candidates, I believe Mark Dion stands above the crowd in two important ways.

First, Mark is ready to govern. He spent 21 years as a police officer, where his innovative outreach programs to underserved communities earned him commendations from the White House and became a model for police departments around the country. He rose to become Deputy Chief, then was elected Sheriff, where he served three distinguished terms. For the past eight years, he has served in the state House and now the Senate, chairing two of the toughest committees there and acting as a much-needed voice of reason on issues like responsible gun reform and drug policy.

The second way Mark Dion stands out is that he can win in November. Born and raised in Lewiston, Mark is one of the most down-to-Earth, relatable, and kind people I have met. He is someone who will appeal to voters across Maine, and who can rally support from Democrats, Independents, and moderate Republicans — support the next governor will need to get this state moving again.

Democrats have a big decision to make on June 12. As you think about who will earn your vote, I’d encourage you to learn more about Mark Dion. With a career built on principled public service and the ability to win support across Maine, I believe Mark Dion is the wisest choice by far.

Jeremy Cluchey,