I am proud to be the treasurer for Chris Kessler, who is running for the Democratic nomination for state representative in Maine House District 32. Chris is fundamentally someone who doesn’t sit back and complain about the state of affairs, but rolls up his sleeves and gets to work.

I first met Chris several years ago when he did an energy audit of our house, and it was obvious that he was both passionate and knowledgeable about energy efficiency and sustainability. At that time he had already served on South Portland’s Energy and Recycling Committee and worked on the city’s Climate Action Plan.

Chris is concerned about the lack of affordable housing and rights of renters in the area. So he became “Renter Guy,” organized for change and helped create the housing security ordinance in South Portland to better protect renters. Chris continued to advocate for renters long after becoming a homeowner himself, which shows his dedication.

Chris values our open spaces and environment, so he worked with his neighbors to restore the Pope Preserve, next to Hannaford in Mill Creek.

Chris believes in transparency and that all of us can make a difference in getting the government we want, so he is running as a Clean Election Fund candidate.

These are just a few examples that show Chris is a man of energy and action. He has demonstrated a willingness to stand up and advocate for others and to do the work to better our community. I want his energy and passion in the State House. Imagine what he can do fighting for us in Augusta. Please vote for Chris Kessler in the June 12 primary.

Heather Coon

South Portland

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