A Westbrook police officer did her good deed for the week when she rescued a frightened dog that somehow got stuck on a roof.

The officer responded to the call after the department’s drug addiction recovery specialist happened upon the strange sight. It’s still not clear how the dog got there, although it might have climbed out a second-story window.

The rescue took place this week and the department posted a photo and brief description on its Facebook page Thursday.

“A couple of days ago a 4-legged resident of Westbrook found itself in a predicament – stuck on a roof and not sure how to get off,” the post reads. “Luckily for this resident, our Recovery Liaison saw the issue and called for help. Officer Rachel Horning was dispatched, and she was able to safely get the dog off the roof and back to safety. The dog’s tail was waging once it was rescued and back on flat ground.”

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