Janet Mills, candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor, has an incredible background and has served the state of Maine in countless ways.

I met her for the very first time when I was running for the Legislature; she volunteered to be my driver when I was knocking on doors to introduce myself to voters. Her wit, wisdom and knowledge were inspiring. Little did I know that in the ensuing years, I would learn how truly remarkable she is.

The newly elected governor of Maine will be facing daunting problems, and certainly requires sufficient experience to face many challenges, including differences such as the ones she had with Gov. LePage. Yes, she can be tough when the situation demands. Her service as a district attorney, state representative and attorney general has required stamina and the courage of her convictions, which speaks highly of her ability to fight for the citizens of Maine.

We the people have the opportunity to vote for an outstanding candidate. Let us join Janet Mills in her quest for a better Maine and elect her to the office of governor. Vote for Janet Mills in the June 12 primary.

Helen Rankin

former Democratic state representative


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