As an attorney in Portland, I have matters before the Cumberland County Probate Court. Many routine matters are handled by the excellent staff of the register of probate, but some issues must be resolved by the judge of probate.

We have been fortunate to have Joseph Mazziotti as the judge. He treats all people with respect. He listens carefully to all issues. His decisions are well-reasoned. With his retirement at the end of his term, he will leave some big shoes to fill.

I believe Paul Aranson would be an excellent successor as judge of probate. He has a long career in the practice of law, including two terms as district attorney. He is able to deal with people from all walks of life with respect and understanding. He will make intelligent and wise decisions.

I will support Paul Aranson’s nomination in the June 12 Democratic primary, and I urge other voters in Cumberland County to do the same.

Stephen D. Bither


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