While Melania Trump professes to make anti-bullying and the protection of children her White House priorities, her husband bullies anyone who gets in his way, especially immigrants.

He now has plans to forcibly separate migrant children under age 18 from their parents, house them on military bases and then evaluate them for placement in child shelters or foster care. (Citing an unnamed U.S. Department of Health and Human Services official, The Washington Post reports that DHHS only has bed space for 10,571 children in 100 foster care facilities, which equals 105 children per facility.)

So, the children suffer and they and their families pay, dearly.

While Melania Trump says she will protect the children, she has already failed to do so. Her husband’s unending bullying, though, proves successful in causing undue pain and anguish.

Let me see: Immigrants relentlessly bullied, young children ripped from their parents’ arms … what part of this makes any sense? None of it. What part of any of this administrations actions make any sense? Oh, right … none. Can it get much worse? Without a doubt.

Luisa S. Deprez