I have lived in Denmark, a beautiful community, since 1985. At the end of my road, in place since 1963 (by a subdivision plan submitted to Oxford County and approved by the town in 1963), there was a cul-de-sac.

My house is the next to the last on Shore Road. Two years ago, a neighbor took control of the last 120 feet of the road, by a deed submitted from the offices of Denmark’s town counsel, thus eliminating a town- and state-required cul-de-sac and my frontage. My driveway is now behind another’s property!

I complained to the town and the State Fire Marshal’s Office. Town officials, it appears, will not engage because they say it is a private road – not really, because if a road is submitted as a subdivision prior to 1976, it is a public easement, according to the state. There is a public beach on this road!

The State Fire Marshal’s Office notified me in January that it had a positive meeting with Denmark. When I inquired what the result of this meeting was, there was no response from the state. Instead, this month the state advised me to contact the town for assistance! A classic vicious circle.

I assume most citizens respect and expect public safety. But when you ask, “Where do the fire apparatus and ambulances turn around or re-route in Denmark?” you never get an answer, from the town of Denmark or the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Ed Canney


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