P-C = A-R.

Pro-Corporate = Anti-Ratepayers.

Solution: Money talks.

Here’s how it would work:

Maine Public Utilities Commission members would forfeit any and all monetary entitlements while they continue to shuffle papers until this magnum boondoggle is settled to the satisfaction of the ratepayers, rather than abetting a monetary serial ravager, Central Maine Power, as it continues submitting artificially inflated electric bills.

It may appear harsh to the commissioners; however, they can always ask CMP for financial assistance!


Have you noticed that the Republican governor, the Legislature, the MPUC and Democratic Attorney General Janet Mills (by the way, she’s aspiring to become the next governor of Maine) are standing by abetting this monetary plundering to continue without any help to the ratepayers?

Guess they’re applying the MPUC formula: P-C = A-R!

Ray Berard Sr.


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