This is how statewide Question 1 is worded on the June 12 ballot:

“Question 1: Do you want to reject the parts of a new law that would delay the use of ranked-choice voting in the election of candidates for any state or federal office until 2022, and then retain the method only if the constitution is amended by Dec. 1, 2021, to allow ranked-choice voting for candidates in state elections?”

Some people may find Question 1 confusing. The “new law” mentioned in Question 1 was passed narrowly last October by the Maine Legislature. Its purpose was to delay and effectively repeal ranked-choice voting against the will of the people. Most Republicans in the Legislature and a few Democrats voted for it.

Question 1 is a people’s veto to reject this delay-and-repeal law so we will continue to have ranked-choice voting in Maine.

A “yes” vote will keep ranked-choice voting, which a majority of the people voted for in the 2016 referendum.

Voting “yes” on Question 1 will send a strong message to those politicians in Augusta who have been blocking most of our recent referendums that have been passed by the people, including Medicaid expansion, which passed last November with a large majority of the vote.

Please vote “yes” on Question 1 to tell them to stop blocking the will of the voters.

Deek Crowley


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