Threats to our security are not only from rogue nations. Deep-seated ideological differences among members of the two major political parties impede or prevent governing in the interest of the people. A polarized government, engaged in an ideology-driven covert war, is a threat to our security.

In the words of Abraham Lincoln: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Our polarized and divided government, in general, is born of intractable religious and political ideologies. Party ideology prevents collaboration that is essential for acting in the interest of the people. Change is desperately needed, as is shown by how political and religious ideology endangers our security.

A body of irrefutable evidence in hand now confirms that climate change is producing ever-more-violent storms that will progressively cost many more lives and billions more in property damage. Climate change has now become a self-driven phenomenon. That means we can do little to stop or reverse it, and the outcome will ultimately be a climate so hot that human life cannot exist.

So, when those in government deny climate change and delay remediation efforts – whether for religious reasons, political reasons or both – that threatens our security. We need to change governing by ideology, and using ranked-choice voting promises to do that.

But polarization also develops from disrespect and incivility. Incivility is boldly propagated on social media by the president’s ill-conceived tweets. Now we find that same incivility is common practice by an elected official here in Waterville (Mayor Nick Isgro). How did we reach this point of not caring about the honor of those we elect?

The intractable ideologies of the two major parties have also deeply polarized residents. Governing in the interest of the people is stymied by political battles driven by ideology.

Ranked-choice voting will ultimately nullify governing by ideology. Winning will be by a majority of the vote.

Jim Chiddix


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