WINDHAM—The sixth-seed Eagles bested the visiting, No. 11 Scots with relative ease on Tuesday afternoon, May 29: Windham won at first and third singles, as well as first and second doubles, to secure the 4-1 prelims victory.

“It didn’t go our way today, but the guys were out, they were fighting the entire time,” said Bonny Eagle head coach Hossein Miremadi. “That’s all I expect them to do. There were points, there were advantages, and you’re not always going to get that break.”

“Win or lose, big picture, at the end of the day, is that they can be proud of their effort,” Miremadi said.

At first singles, Windhamite Stephen Sepulveda cruised 6-0, 6-0 past Bonny Eagler Evan Smith.

“Stephen, our number one, has been awesome all year,” Windham head coach Garry Stone said. “In fact, he was in the singles State Tournament this past weekend – did great: won one and then lost two to a really great kid. This year he’s gone, I think, 9-4, or 10-3.”

Meanwhile, at second singles, Scot Aidan Rausch defeated Eagle Trevor Crowley 6-3, 6-4.

“Trevor, second court, battled,” Stone said. “He’s been struggling with some injuries this year. Him and Stephen are the Captains. They’ve been awesome all year, helping out with, we’ve got four or five freshmen on JV, never really played much tennis, and these guys have taken it upon themselves to help out the young guys.”

Then, in third singles, Windham’s Vireak Tray won over Bonny Eagle’s Brendon Hogan 6-2, 6-1.

“Vireak, our number three, played great today,” Stone said. “Took care of business pretty quick. Good player all year.”

At first doubles, Eagles Andrew Wing and Cory Hutchison (also teammates on the basketball court) topped Scots Nick Sawyer and Andrew Ettinger 6-2, 6-4.

“First doubles, Wing and Hutchison,” Stone said, “one of the top doubles teams in the SMAA. In fact, two weeks ago, in the SMAA Doubles Tournament, they went to the semifinals. Lost to a really good Portland team. They’ve been awesome all year; I want to say 9-4, 10-3.”

Finally, at second doubles, Windhamites Ben White and Gabe McPhail won over Bonny Eaglers Peyton Oertel and Adria Mallofre 6-4, 6-0.

“McPhail and White, solid all year, right around 8-5, 9-4,” Stone said. “Our No. 1 player and our two doubles have been strengths this year. They have a lot of wins.”

Bonny Eagle retires for the year at 5-8. The Scots spent the season rebuilding, as graduation last year claimed key talent and experience.

“We lost our singles guys, and we had some guys stepping up from JV to play doubles, and a couple guys who hadn’t played at all before,” Miremadi said. “So the expectations were unknown. To go 5-7 – and we let one escape us, so then we’re talking a .500 season – that’s great for a group a guys who play tennis one season.”

“To be in the playoffs for the first time in four years, to get that experience and come here,” Miremadi said, “and prove to ourselves that this is where we should be – we didn’t come here and get rocked; we came and played competitive tennis – especially my seniors, who’ve been playing for four years, this was about them today.”

Smith, Rausch and Ettinger are Miremadi’s seniors.

Windham moves to 9-4 on the season. The Eagles vie at No. 3 Kennebunk/Wells on Thursday the 31st.

Stone is particularly excited for Wing and Hutchison to rematch with Kennebunk/Wells. “This will be interesting, because they lost to them in a close match a couple weeks ago, and then in the Doubles Tournament beat their No. 1. So this will be the rubber match. It’s one I’m really looking forward to.”

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Scot Nick Sawyer lunges for a shot close to the net.

Nick Sawyer volleys at first doubles for the Scots.

Eagle Andrew Wing is one half – alongside partner Cory Hutchison – of one of the SMAA’s toughest doubles teams.

Eagle Cory Hutchison is one half – alongside partner Andrew Wing – of one of the SMAA’s toughest doubles teams.

Windhamite Vireak Tray won his third-singles matchup, helping to secure the Eagles’ victory as a team.

Brandon Hogan vies at third singles for Bonny Eagle.

Aidan Rausch picked up Bonny Eagle’s lone win of the day, defeating his Windham opponent in two sets.

Bonny Eagler Evan Smith gave it the old college try at first singles against Windham’s Stephen Sepulveda, but couldn’t keep up.

Stephen Sepulveda won handily at first singles for the Eagles.

Andrew Ettinger volleys at first doubles for the Scots.