I first met Adam Cote many years ago, while I was teaching at Sanford High School. In addition to my teaching responsibilities, teachers were asked to monitor student hall passes.

Upon seeing a student meandering down the hall, I used my authoritative voice and asked to see his hall pass. Adam (who wasn’t in any of my classes) quickly complied: no eye rolling, no shoulder wing dips, just a “Yes, sir. No problem, sir.” His demeanor and attitude must have been influenced by his father (Roland Cote) who was on the faculty. At the time I thought to myself that this student might have a career in the military.

Years ago the military used the slogan “Looking for a few good men.” The Army certainly got one with Adam: three tours of duty, in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. His performance on these tours exhibited courage, leadership and problem-solving skills.

I like the fact that Adam comes with no IOUs or political baggage. He has not bashed or demeaned opponents but instead has focused on issues. He has specific goals and how to achieve them. What you see with Adam is what you get: a genuine, sincere, energetic and honest gentleman. Please seriously consider Adam Cote for your vote in the Democratic gubernatorial primary on June 12.

Roland and Carlene Gagne


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