I have listened all day to comments from conservatives and liberals comparing the use of the C-word directed at Ivanka Trump by Samantha Bee on a late-night show, and a tweet from Roseanne Barr that said that Valerie Jarrett, a respected aide to President Obama, was the offspring of the Muslim Brotherhood and “Planet of the Apes.” I want to state clearly that all comparisons of the two statements are invalid.

I abhor what Roseanne Barr said. I also abhor what Samantha Bee said. What I would have hoped was that Samantha Bee could have avoided using such abhorrent language in her statement about the abhorrent ripping of children from their parents that is occurring as immigrants come to the land of the free and the home of the brave.

I’d like to think that the people who want to comment on the awful things that are occurring in our land today could do it in a way that takes the high road. Why do it in a way that drags those of us who agree into the mud?

The media have been turning themselves inside out to find a way to give Samantha Bee a pass on what she said. There is no excuse for the word that Samantha Bee used. There is no excuse for what Roseanne Barr said in her tweets. Both are wrong. Let’s not waste our time trying to fit a camel into the eye of a needle. It isn’t going to happen and it is a huge waste of important time. Let’s move on.

Eileen Horton


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