The list of those aspiring to the Blaine House this year is long, as Maine searches for its political soul after eight years of partisanship, tumult and dysfunction in Augusta. Somehow, amid the aging of our population, the globalization of the economy and the revolution in information technologies, we in Maine may have lost our way.

A generation ago, Maine voters looked to experience, intelligence, industriousness, neighborliness and good character in choosing our governors. Given the ominous challenges we face today – growing income inequality, a rural-urban divide and climate change among these – it is time we returned to these enduring Maine values as our North Star going forward.

Of all the candidates in the governor’s race, Janet Mills represents the best of these values. In a long and distinguished career in public service to Maine, Janet has proven to be thoughtful, caring, hardworking, forthcoming, tough-minded and resilient. We know where Janet stands. It is time now for Maine voters to stand with Janet Mills for governor in the June 12 Democratic primary.

Richard Barringer


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