I am wondering where the right-to-life people are, as children have been torn from their parents at our border. Oh, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has also lost track of over 1,400 children. I guess the children’s rights only apply in utero. Do children only have rights if they are the right color and come from the right places?

What about the young adults in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program? Does no one care they live in constant jeopardy because of a broken promise by the U.S. government? I guess not, as Congress seem unable to act at all.

It is easy to say “our children are our future.” Well, a child in a holding cell at the border doesn’t seem to have much of a future, nor a DACA kid waiting to see what happens.

I am ashamed of our country, which treats the most vulnerable in such a cruel manner.

Mary Nasse


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