NAPLES — Danica, Ethan and Hannah Chadwick have stood out as student athletes at Lake Region High School, and not just because they’re triplets.

The Chadwicks, 18, from Sebago, graduated last week as part of the 123-student senior class.

They will each chart their own course at different schools next year when Danica heads to the University of Maine-Machias, Ethan to the University of Maine-Orono and Hannah to the University of Southern Maine.

Though the trio ran track together, they excelled in several different sports.

When asked who the best athlete is, Ethan laughed and said “not me.”

“I think we all have our own sport, though,” Danica explained. “Hannah’s was definitely track and field, mine was soccer, and Ethan’s was basketball – we all did similar things, but we all had our own sport.”

Danica will play soccer at UMaine-Machias, where she plans to study elementary education. Hannah will run track at USM and plans to study biology. Ethan, a 6-foot-five basketball player at Lake Region, will probably stick to intramural sports in Orono while studying engineering.

Lake Region Principal Erik Goode said the Chadwicks “each had their own important but distinct roles within the class.”

Ethan served as class treasurer, Danica and Hannah were involved with the underwater robotics team for two years, and all three siblings are National Honors Society members.

“I would say we’ve always had different interests,” Ethan said.

Ethan also outlined how his sisters are identical twins and he is their much taller, non-identical triplet.

“There were two different eggs, me and them, but then their egg split into two, and that’s what makes the identical twins part, so then there was three,” he explained.

Over the years, they’ve helped push each other both on and off the field.

“Danica and I, we do a lot of events together, so we would always try to beat each other,” Hannah said.

“We would always try to see who would get better grades on tests,” Ethan added. “And at least for me, that’s a big reason why I pushed myself to be better in school.”

“I guess we did really push each other really well,” Danica said, noting that they each received academic awards.

The siblings said being triplets can come with added attention, and occasionally some confusion from athletic opponents.

Danica has had another competitor confuse her for Hannah and asked her if she competed in every event.

“Oh, you must be talking about my sister,” she told them.

“I always get that question: ‘Didn’t I just see you at hurdles?'” Hannah laughed about the frequent mix-ups.

“It’s kind of funny being triplets,” Ethan said. “Just growing up, between the three of us, we’ve met a lot of people. So one way or another, people have heard of us or something.”

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Sebago triplets Danica, left, Ethan and Hannah Chadwick are each pursuing different paths now that they are Lake Region High School graduates.