If San Antonio does, indeed, make Kawhi Leonard available in trade, it’s fair to assume the Boston Celtics would have interest in being involved in those talks.

But there would be a few rivers to cross before the Celtics could get serious. According to an agent, the Celtics weren’t aware of Friday’s reports that Leonard wants to leave the Spurs until after the news hit the internet.

Two general managers believe the star forward will work things out with San Antonio and be there long term, but most reports have Leonard wanting to move home to the Lakers.

That wouldn’t preclude the Celtics from getting involved with San Antonio in talks, but Leonard can opt out and become a free agent after the 2018-19 season. As was the case when the Celtics traded for Kevin Garnett in 2007, there would have to be some confidence Leonard would be more than a one-year rental.

There is also the medical matter to consider. Leonard played just nine games in 2017-18 because of a quad injury, and while some speculated as to how much his strained relationship with the Spurs factored into his absence, his health both now and as a possible effect on the long-term future would have to be addressed.

Lastly, there is the cost. As much value as a healthy Leonard would have, there is a limit to what the Celtics or any franchise would give up to get him.

The Celtics are well stocked with young players and future draft assets, and that would make them an attractive trading partner. But how much is proper value, especially if Leonard’s health and willingness to stay a Celtic are in question.

Look for team president Danny Ainge to get these questions answered as best he can should the Spurs be willing to talk business.

The Celtics did make an inquiry about Leonard prior to February’s trade deadline, but, according to sources, that was more of a due diligence call.

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