The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is proud to support the proposed New England Clean Energy Connect power line from Québec to Maine for several reasons. The single most important explanation is that the Central Maine Power Co. project will put Mainers to work.

Everyone benefits from investments in energy infrastructure, and that holds true for Maine. NECEC not only will create good-paying jobs for members during construction, it will also make a lasting contribution to the state’s future economic growth.

It’s puzzling to hear that any Maine official stands against an infrastructure project that offers nearly 1,600 construction jobs during peak years of work, plus additional management roles, professional work and indirect employment. All told, NECEC will support more than 3,000 jobs, and those opportunities will be especially welcome in the rural towns of western Maine.

Beyond jobs, NECEC will provide clean, dependable hydroelectric power for every New England electricity customer. While Massachusetts’ consumers will fund the project to help meet that state’s legally mandated environmental goals, clean air benefits will be good for everybody in the region, including Mainers.

The IBEW is pleased to join the overwhelming majority of host communities who support NECEC and the many elected leaders in the Legislature who support a common-sense clean-energy project that benefits Maine. New England Clean Energy Connect will produce broad benefits for our state’s workers and communities.

Tim Burgess

business representative, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 104


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