In the November election, voters can find a reasonable, bipartisan and experienced independent gubernatorial candidate in State Treasurer Terry Hayes.

I first met Treasurer Hayes at a meet-and-greet in Gorham, and since then I’ve been all in for the Hayes campaign. The most important aspect of Terry’s campaign to me is her focus on civility, something we could use more of in Augusta, in D.C. and across the nation. Electing the independent treasurer would allow state legislators to work together on important issues and work toward an economically successful Maine that will serve as a role model for the rest of the nation.

Perhaps best of all, Terry is a Clean Election candidate, so Mainers can stand behind her honesty and integrity. Terry Hayes would be a governor for all Mainers, beyond party lines, and Mainers wishing for less partisanship and more progress should cast their vote in November for Treasurer Hayes.

Christopher Hascall