Why does Sen. Susan Collins continue to support the criminal enterprise known as the Trump administration? She has abandoned her Republican, conservative principles to back a president who does not put America or the West first. Does she share Donald Trump’s fealty to Russia?

The Russians influenced the 2016 presidential election (a direct assault on our democracy), but Sen. Collins is not concerned. With her continued support of Trump, the United States of America has lost its role as leader of the Free World – a world America created and has always led.

Sen. Collins has rejected her obligation to reassert Congress’ rightful power and lessen Trump’s damage to the world and our country. She refuses to consider reclaiming Congress’ role to restrain an unfit executive.

The people of Maine are tired of her acquiescence and her wishy-washy statements. Sen. Collins is facilitating Trump in his apparent desire to blow up the international world order and turn the government of the United States of America into his personal cash cow. In that sense, Susan Collins is helping to make Russia great again.

Maine and our nation deserve better than Susan Collins. We need a Margaret Chase Smith.

Len Freeman