I have been, for many years, contributing editor at Ocean Navigator magazine in Portland. On a recent trip to Brooksville, I began reading your paper. I was blown away by the skill of your writers and their stories.

Had it not been for your paper, I would have never heard of the Fedco seed co-op (”40-year-old Clinton seed co-op must move ahead without CR Lawn, its visionary center,” April 29). That would have been unfortunate.

I have always enjoyed Portland, first visiting in the 1970s as crew aboard the schooner Harvey Gamage. The city has certainly changed since then, and not all for the better. When I was there last, I recognized the vacant stares of the addicts hanging out at the Dunkin’ Donuts. Then I read some really compassionate stories in your paper about what Portland, and all of Maine, is experiencing with opioid addiction.

Thank you for your professionalism.

David Berson

Greenport, N.Y.