My name is Anthony Sanborn Jr. In 1992, I was wrongfully convicted of a murder I did not commit, leaving the real killer at large. I spent 27 years of my youth and life in prison.

Last fall, my lawyer presented voluminous evidence of my innocence and also clearly demonstrated that I did not get a fair trial. Despite having faith in Justice Joyce Wheeler and her ability to see the truth, I watched the Attorney General’s Office, once again, display total disregard for truth or justice, and witnessed the state prosecutors’ complete betrayal of their oath, of myself and of all citizens of Maine. It was with a heavy heart that I agreed to end the hearings on the petition to review my conviction, and I did so because I saw firsthand the lengths they were willing to go to protect their office and their lies.

In fact, on the day I was bailed out, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Marchese, with Attorney General Janet Mills by her side, told lawmakers that the state had asked the court for bail on my behalf, and they were proud of how my case was going.

Marchese’s statements to the Judiciary Committee were false; Assistant Attorney General Donald Macomber fought against me getting bail. It was my lawyer fighting for me, and Justice Wheeler’s courage to grant bail, that ultimately sent me home where I belonged.

After my hearing, the Portland Press Herald Editorial Board called for an independent investigation into my case. To my knowledge, Mills has done nothing toward correcting this horrible wrong perpetrated against me and the murder victim, Jessica Briggs.

I’m not a political person, but I seriously question Mills’ ethics and ability to lead our state with any semblance of integrity. Please know this can happen to you or someone you love. With Mills at the helm, it would be far more likely. I am living proof.

Tony Sanborn


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