I wrote a letter a few months ago raising concerns about proficiency-based learning (Jan. 5).

During the Legislature’s special session this week, they passed L.D. 1666, which allows districts to choose whether or not they would like to stay the course of proficiency-based learning.

I encourage Gov. Paul LePage to sign L.D. 1666 when it is placed in front of him. Districts like mine have faced challenges, with students, parents and teachers left feeling dissatisfied with proficiency-based learning, and this bill allows us to seriously consider reverting to a traditional grading system. It also, however, respects that in other districts, proficiency-based learning has been met with more support, and respects their right to continue on this path.

This bill is a win-win, and signing it would affirm the governor’s commitment to conservative, local-control policies. Many people in the state are counting on Mr. LePage, and I hope he doesn’t let us down.

Jacob Favolise

student, Sanford High School