There is no doubt that the people of this country are torn over present immigration policies … in particular, those that apply to our southern border.

If I may, I would offer up a suggestion. This solution will do away with “cages and pens” and will eliminate the separation of family members.

Each legal citizen who is opposed to and horrified by events taking place at our border will voluntarily accept one of these immigrant families into their home. You will house them, clothe them and feed them. You will provide them with medical care, and educate them, and encourage the use of English. Not until they find full-time employment, and are able to provide for their needs, and are fully vetted will they be allowed to leave your supervision.

If, indeed, events at the border are as horrific and cruel as you believe them to be, then you should have no objection to opening your doors to help these families. Chellie Pingree, will you offer your home and hospitality?

Oh, yes … just remembering those tens of thousands of immigrants who have applied to come into the country legally … perhaps you would be willing to open your homes to them first, since most of them have waited patiently for years.

As to helping children, you need not look to the southern border. Look to your own backyard. Greater Portland has many children who are separated from their families and entire families that are homeless. The need is great. You have only to make a phone call to social services. Are you picking up your phone?

In regards to contempt for immigration policies: Protesting, in itself, is not a solution to the problem. Protesting is the “crying out” for a solution … and more often than not, the solution lies within ourselves, not the government.

Pamela Brant