I care so much about our country and worry about our future.

I, along with my family, am terribly dismayed with the direction President Trump is leading our country on behalf of certain voting segments that support him no matter his character or what he chooses to do.

Our United States has been divided and is threatening to become a dictatorship. Trump’s treatment of asylum seekers is cruel – separating children from mothers (even those nursing, CNN has reported), dads or other family members. That is so inhumane and a reminder that in World War II we imprisoned our Japanese citizens to “protect” the rest of us. It was a terrible wrong and something we promised should never happen again.

Republicans in Congress continue to support Trump’s agenda, and all citizens are subject to Trump’s reactions to news media and his ego. His economic policies recently drove the stock market down 500 points.

At risk are our constitutional rights – freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to be “different.” Women’s rights are jeopardized by Trump as he caters to his base supporters, especially the conservative adherents of fundamentalist religions who await public money for their religious schools and approve of using the pulpit for political gains.

We continue to lose the respect and support of our friends around the world. Our future is in serious jeopardy. We need to be informed, contact our elected officials and make our votes count.

Gene Proctor

West Bath