I sure hope Maine’s economic development authorities read the June 24 Associated Press article “U.S. imported more seafood in 2017 than any prior year.” Here’s the opportunities this presents:

2018 imports will likely beat 2017 imports. You seek job and investment opportunities?

 Our family does not knowingly eat seafood farmed in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam or China, and neither should anyone else’s. Research their reported farming and origin-switching practices on the internet.

The Maine coastline and ocean waters are a dormant seafood-farming resource the state should have been managing and promoting for years.

 Maine-farmed seafood (fish, oysters, clams) can become a truly world-class brand.

 Maine needs to engage top talent from Scandinavia and Canada to formulate a winning strategy with meaningful incentives for investors – partner with Elmskip.

 Target Maine investors first.

Charlie Galloway