Syndicated columnist George Will has accused Republicans in Congress of becoming “the president’s poodles.” President Trump’s Hurricane Katrina moment on the border will, I believe, continue to haunt Republican Maine Sen. Susan Collins all the way to the midterm elections and beyond.

Although Sen. Collins will not be on the ballot this time, this Maine voter will not forget her vouching for Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III for attorney general. “I have never witnessed anything to suggest that Sen. Sessions is anything other than a dedicated public servant and a decent man,” said Sen. Collins. She continued with the claim that Sessions is not “motivated by racial animus.”

Her words in support of Sessions, the architect of family separation on the border, are being drowned out by the cries of children, toddlers and babies in detention centers across the country.

It is far too easy for Sen. Collins to express outrage, write a letter to her handlers and then throw her hands up in the air. She’s taken her tax cuts, she’s allowed the slow destruction of health care and now she is preparing to march in Maine parades. Will voters ask her what she thinks of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III now?

Terry J. Dubois