Re: “Letter to the editor: Clammers’ real enemy? Climate change” (June 18, Page A4), by Ethan Brown:

Mr. Brown’s comments did little to shed light on the problem faced by clammers, and I would not have been inclined to respond except for the fact that he apparently speaks for some impressive-sounding organization called the “Toxics Action Center.”

Mr. Brown’s letter would appear to suggest that there is no point in directly attacking the green crab invasion that is apparently doing serious damage to the clam beds (although there have been some creative approaches in that direction) because the real problem is climate change.

OK. So the threat to the clam harvest is due to climate change – the big boogeyman we have to defeat to make all things right with the world. Mr. Brown seems to leave us on that note, which kind of leaves us nowhere.

Should we all go out on a designated night and shout in unison “Stop climate change”? Or should we accept that, although there are things that might slow down the process, there are a lot of individual steps we can take (like promoting the harvesting of and dining on green crabs) that will allow us to survive and accommodate global warming rather than just blame it for all of our woes?

Philip Brooks