Current reports of the child abuse and cruelty being perpetrated by this administration on families who present themselves for asylum at our southern border indicate that it is way past time to impeach the monster who sits in the Oval Office.

Whether or not we believe the increasingly damning evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians on the attack on our last election (which attack has long been a proven fact), it is clear that a huge mistake was made in making Donald Trump president. His agenda has gone from reprehensible to horrific. This internment of babies and children and breaking up of families with no adequate plan for their reunification is the work of pure evil. It is appalling and in no way acceptable. This sick individual is not fit to lead our country.

Our Congress needs to admit the error and take steps to correct it. We need our senators and representatives to stop pretending that the current situation is anything like normal. We need to call, write, email our members of Congress and implore them to save our country from sinking any lower. They have the power of checks and balances. They have the power to impeach. We need to ask them to use it.


Laura Lander