The recent letter from Sen. Susan Collins’ press secretary (“Column on Sen. Collins’ positions and actions full of falsehoods,” June 26) is her latest attempt to browbeat constituents into accepting her narrative, rather than to listen to the will of the people who elected her to represent them.

In the letter, Christopher Knight describes common criticisms of the senator’s actions as extreme partisanship, a characterization he calls “charitable.” He goes on to decry criticism that Collins has not done enough about child separation as an attempt to exploit the crisis as a weapon for baseless claims.

This is inappropriate conduct for the office of a U.S. senator – an office where officials are elected to represent the will of the people.

Later in the letter, Knight champions the work that Collins is doing to end child separation, sharing details about her work on the subject. This is a welcome change, and one that provides actual value to the senator and her constituents.

I would suggest that the senator’s office spend more time educating constituents about the work Collins is doing on their behalf, rather than continue this pattern of talking down to constituents and insisting we are too ignorant to understand how Washington works and that any dismay with our senator’s actions must be partisan politics in play.

Richard Lations