I am always talking about Sen. Susan Collins, it seems. But there is a reason for that. Sen. Collins is two things that are really one thing: She is a never-Trumper and she is a Democrat who self-identifies as a Republican. Neither of these traits bodes well for whoever President Trump may nominate for the Supreme Court.

President Trump has had a list of names of 25 potential nominees since 2016. It is not a surprise that an opening on the court has come up. Has Sen. Collins thought about that list and who might support and defend the Constitution as written? It’s the same document she took an oath to defend.

We remember Susan Collins was very concerned that Merrick Garland should get a hearing. Will she be as concerned that this president’s nominee will get a hearing? Or will her roots show as a never-Trumper and a Democrat, and block it?

Let’s hope she defends liberty.

Mark Kilburn