I was born in Portland at the Maine Eye and Ear Infirmary in 1937. I know, it sounds old, right? Not really.

Even after leaving Maine under protest, when I was 11 years old, I am still a sturdy “Mainiac.” My heart has always been on the coast in Maine and especially on Peaks Island, where both my grandparents lived.

I am writing because this latest nightmare in Washington, D.C., with Anthony Kennedy leaving the Supreme Court in one month has made the feeling that America might be on the road to leaving the experiment called democracy. I am worried about cutting coverage for pre-existing conditions, cutting Medicare, cutting Social Security and women’s rights, and God knows what else being thrown out like old fish.

Your Sen. Susan Collins has shown courage in the past, and I am hoping – nope, actually praying – that she shows that courage and integrity now in opposing her party leadership and making it clear that she will not vote to choose a Supreme Court candidate during a key election year. This is their rule – they used it in 2016.

Please tell your senator to do the right and honorable thing.


Sandy Mac Minn Asper

Newport Beach, Calif.