The week of July 9 will be a perfect time to watch the Legislature vote to support Medicaid (MaineCare) expansion, Clean Election funding, public bonding projects and many other issues critically important to the people of Maine.

Republicans will try again to obstruct the will of the people by voting against laws enacted by the voters. Many will back the corrupt policies of Gov. LePage and reverse their earlier votes when it is time to override his vetos.

Please keep a close eye on the votes of your elected officials. Now is the time to expect accountability to majority rule shown at the ballot box over the past several years. Any Republican voting against Medicaid expansion, Clean Election funding and other settled items should be removed from office at the voting booth this November. Politicians wishing to overturn the will of the public should not serve in the Legislature.

Watch closely, remember who votes to obstruct and who votes for the greater common good. Removing those against progress will make Maine a better place for all. Protect democracy.

Jeff Dunlop

North Windham

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