I urge Sen. Susan Collins to join with Democrats and block any Supreme Court justice nomination until the Russian investigation is complete.

President Trump has refused to use his power to protect our country from Russian interference in our elections. Instead he attacks our judiciary, our intelligence community and our free press, while consistently stating that he trusts Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He can nominate a Supreme Court justice who is likely to decide on issues relating to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and its impact on him. Does he get to pardon himself? His friends? What is within the scope of Mueller’s investigation? Trump could even secretly require a loyalty oath from his nominee. He has lied so often that we cannot believe anything he says.

Republican leadership has not kept its promises to Sen. Collins. Too many congressional Republicans have chosen loyalty to Trump over fulfilling their responsibilities as members of an independent branch of government.

Republicans forced a one-year delay to vote on a Supreme Court justice when there was no cloud over the president. Now there is a compelling reason to wait: ensuring that no one is above the law.

Joyce Schelling