As I hear the news about the family separations going on down at the border, I am shocked to find out that President Trump, whom I supported in the election, is defending such inhumane treatment of children.

To me, the solution is simple: Keep the family together by deporting them together. If going back to the country from which they came would put them in harm’s way, then deport them to another part of their home country. Those who wish to become contributing members of society and can prove that to be the case should immigrate legally. Immigrants must prove that their presence in this country will be a benefit to society, both economically and culturally.

The fact is, illegal immigrants don’t have the right to simply cross the border and demand to be allowed to stay here, just like I don’t have the right to barge into any of your homes and demand a bed. It does not matter what the conditions are like where they came from, just as it wouldn’t matter if I was homeless when I decided to barge into your house. This does not mean that we shouldn’t help them, which we should, but I would be far more likely to help someone who “knocked on the door” than someone who barges in.

Some would say that the legal immigration process takes too long. I would agree. I think that we should fix the process so it doesn’t take too long to immigrate, or if, for national security reasons, we cannot expedite the process, then why not allow those who wish to immigrate legally to stay in the U.S. while their case is being reviewed? The specifics, like how they should be monitored while they await the ruling is being reviewed, can be worked out in the House and Senate with compromises from both sides.

Jack Thibodeau

Cumberland Foreside