Last Thursday, a meeting was held at the Breakwater School on Brighton Avenue in Portland. I would estimate that there were 200 to 300 residents of the Nason’s Corner community present. The residents were pretty much of one voice: Given what has happened to the Bayside community, the new homeless shelter should not be situated in a residential community.

During the meeting, Health and Human Services Committee members made it clear that the two criteria for the siting of the new shelter were that it be near public transportation and that the homeless “not be hidden.” I was surprised and deeply troubled, as I believe other neighborhood residents were, that no apparent thought was given a priori to the impact that the shelter would have on the residents of the neighborhood. The residents of Nason’s Corner have spoken loud and clear of their opposition to the move. Hopefully our elected officials heard the concern of the neighborhood. Vox populi.

Sam Rosenthal