AUBURN — A hawk that became wedged in the grille of a pickup truck Friday appears to be doing well after the grille was dismantled and the hawk released, according to Auburn police.

“Here’s a Friday feel-good story for you,” begins the Auburn Police Department’s Facebook post Friday. “We had a call from a gentleman on North River Road who had a bird stuck in the grill of his truck.

“We dispatched Special Enforcement Officer Michael ‘The Birdman’ Chaine to the call. Happy ending: The front of the Ford was dismantled and the beautiful hawk was rescued and transported to Avian Haven for some TLC.”

Avian Haven is a wild bird rehabilitation center in the Waldo County town of Freedom.

The post includes photos of the truck, the bird stuck in the grille, and Officer Chaine sitting at his desk, smiling, with the bird in a white cage.

“Great job, Officer Chaine,” the post ends. “Special thanks to the kind gentleman who took his truck apart to save this beautiful bird.”

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