FRANKFORT, Ky. — A Kentucky woman who was upset when the state told her last week that she was going to lose her personalized license plate with the inscription “PRAY4” got good news Thursday.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet said it was working with Lexington dentist Susan Burton to reissue her plate.

“The Department of Vehicle Regulations’ interpretation of the statute for Dr. Burton’s personalized license plate resulted in an incorrect preliminary determination to reject her request. We are working with her to reissue her plate,” cabinet spokeswoman Naitore Djigbenou said in an email.

She did not elaborate.

Burton was not immediately available for comment.

She was notified by letter July 6 by the state motor vehicles licensing division that she had 20 days to return her plate to the Fayette County clerk’s office or her vehicle registration would be canceled.

She also was told that she could reapply for a different personalized plate or appeal the state’s decision.

Burton appealed the decision Tuesday.

“Pray for me as I begin to fight for freedom of religion, speech and expression,” Burton said in an email to the Lexington Herald-Leader.

She said she had the personalized plate for almost eight years.

She also noted that she could get a standard plate with “In God We Trust” on it with random numbers and letters “but I can’t have my PRAY4 on anything.”