I can understand rich people supporting Donald Trump and his Republican Party. The Republicans passed a huge tax credit for the rich, and their shares in the corporations that run America are going up and will be paid for by burdening the rest of us and our descendants with huge amounts of debt.

But why have the middle class and poor supported this? Is it because their fear of “the others” has blinded them to this picking of their pockets? Do they not understand that the policies being pushed will result in their descendants breathing dirtier air, drinking dirtier water and living with more severe weather crises? Do they support the packing of the Supreme Court with individuals who will curtail their individual rights, the rights of “the others” and the free press, and support election gerrymandering and voter suppression? Do they support cuts to Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security?

And what kind of government do Trump supporters want for the future? It is a government that criticizes our allies in Canada, Mexico, Australia and Europe while, at the same time, kissing up to authoritarian dictators in Russia, China, North Korea, Philippines, Turkey, etc.

Look at Trump’s recent trip to Europe where, after criticizing NATO, criticizing the leader of England and calling the EU our foe, he has no criticism for Russia, a country that took land from another country, fosters conflict in Ukraine, supports chemical weapons use in Syria and meddles in elections in the U.S. and Europe. Do they want an authoritarian dictatorship for their descendants?

Finally, what kind of lessons do Trump supporters want the youth of America to learn from its leaders? That lying is normal? That science is to be ignored? That facts are “fake news”?

Trump lies effortlessly, even when previous lies are caught on tape. How delusional can people be?

Bill Dunn


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