ROCKLAND — A New York state woman was sentenced Thursday to three years in prison for dealing crack cocaine and then striking a police officer with a car as she fled a drug bust.

Chamara Cox, 31, of Rochester, N.Y was sentenced July 19 in Knox County court to three years in prison for trafficking in drugs, and reckless conduct. Charges of assault, eluding an officer, driving to endanger, and falsifying evidence were dismissed as part of the agreement reached between the state and defense.

Cox was arrested April 4 as part of a drug bust by police including the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency.

Chamara Cox, standing, made her initial appearance April 6 in Knox County Unified Court in Rockland. She was convicted of drug and other offenses on July 19.

According to an affidavit filed in court by MDEA, Cox was at the driver’s seat of a car in which Derrick Presha, 38, of Buffalo, N.Y., had been a passenger. Presha had gone into a convenience store.

Police had followed the vehicle to the convenience store parking lot after witnessing Presha making a drug sale to a confidential police informant outside a motel in Thomaston.

As Presha left the convenience store in Warren, officers confronted the suspects and ordered them not to move.

Cox then drove away and the front passenger side of the rental car she was driving struck MDEA Special Agent Max King.

King was not injured.

As police pursued Cox, she was seen throwing out crack cocaine along Route 1. Waldoboro Police were able to stop the car by Moody’s Diner in Waldoboro and arrest her.

Agents seized four bags of crack cocaine on the floor of the car. Waldoboro Police, with the assistance of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office canine, were able to recover the bags of crack cocaine that Cox had thrown out of the car.

With the assistance of Thomaston and Rockland police, as well as the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, agents conducted two consent searches at the suspects’ hotel rooms in Thomaston. A total of 50 grams of crack cocaine, of which 25 rocks of crack cocaine were packed for sale, six grams of heroin and about $3,000 in cash were seized. Cox was found in possession of three different New York driver’s licenses.

Presha was sentenced May 17 to six years in prison.

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