SANFORD — Customers of the Sanford Water District in the industrial park area are being advised to boil water prior to use because of the possibility of water contamination.

The boil water alert remains in place until further notice.

The water district recommends boiling water for a full minute at a rolling boil before drinking, making ice cubes, washing foods, brushing teeth and any other consumption of water.

Apparently, a contractor working behind the airport in the industrial park accidentally broke a water line and the boil water alert is precautionary.

“The Sanford Water District issued a precautionary Boil Order in the Airport Industrial Park last night,” said David Parent, Sanford Water District Superintendent. “A contractor broke a water main that feeds the Airport Industrial Park, including Gatehouse Road, Rubb Lane, Kostis Lane, and Rainbow Lane.”

Parent said that the break resulted in dewatering of the water main that feeds this area and it is a dead end main, it does not loop into the system.

“This is the only area affected by the boil order,” he said. “The district properly disinfected the water main as per American Water Works Association and Maine Drinking Water Program standards. We do not feel that there are any issues with the water, but needed to issue a boil water order to give us time to ensure that water is safe before allowing affected customers to drink the water.”

He said microbiological samples are being collected to verify that the water is safe to drink.

“We will have the results of the samples Saturday morning, and will notify all affected customers at that time,” Parent said. “Again, the only area affected by this situation is the small industrial park located behind (west of) the Seacoast Regional Airport.”

For questions, call the Sanford Water District at 324-2312.

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