Many Americans are despairing over the direction that President Trump is leading the country and the world and are wondering what can be done to stop him. They should consider the importance of electing a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress in this fall’s midterm election. A Congress controlled by the opposition party can act to slow down President Trump’s destructive appointments and policies.

Here in Maine, we have an opportunity to support this effort by electing a Democrat in the 2nd Congressional District. Jared Golden has been nominated to run against the Republican incumbent, Bruce Poliquin, who has faithfully followed the Republican leadership in offering no opposition to the actions of President Trump and his administration. Jared Golden is a true citizen of the 2nd District, with military, legislative and small-business experience. He is well educated, thoughtful and determined.

Therefore, if you are registered to vote in the 2nd District, get out and vote for Jared Golden in November. If you are not a 2nd District resident, the election will still have repercussions for you. So get involved in helping to elect Jared Golden by contributing money or volunteering your time to his campaign. It is something we can all do to try to prevent further damage by the current administration.

Marc Miller

South Freeport

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